By sonic – January 12, 2021

It’s been a tough 2020, what with lockdown and various Tiers in between with the restrictions. No matter where you live you’ll have been affected by Covid19. I’m sure many, just like me will have been out for rides, just not with the groups we normally ride with. Of course there are many who prefer to ride alone and that’s just fine if that’s your preference. This site though, is aimed at people who want to ride together so if you prefer to ride alone that’s OK but don’t criticise those of us who like to ride with some mates. I must admit, I’ve missed the group ride outs, the camaraderie and the connection we all share. 2021 though will hopefully be different and we can all return to some kind of normal! I developed this site in 2019, not for one minute expecting the social distancing and restrictions around meetings. Thanks for sticking with Riderconnect and I hope soon we’ll all be able to benefit from ride outs again. In the meantime, please stay safe both on and off your bikes. Hope to meet some of you soon.