About Rider Connect

Rider Connect simply connects riders, whether they know each other or not. It allows you to arrange and create your own ride outs, whenever it’s convenient. Registration on the site is completely free, no hidden costs at all. All you need to do is register and then you can create rides, join rides, invite others to the rides, add stop off points to meet others on the way, etc. Usually, you’ll want the ride to be published on the site so that others can ask to join it. The site will automatically send out an invite to anybody else registered, who lives within a 25 mile radius of the starting point. You can invite your friends through email, Facebook or WhatsApp and the invite will include the route and times. We have recently added the option to keep the ride private if you wish, so it won’t be published on the site and invites won’t go out automatically. You can still send out your own personal invites of course.

You’ll know which pace you prefer and that preference might even change from time to time. No point trying to keep up with mates who ride like they’re in a Police chase! so you choose the pace right from the start. All you have to do then is decide where you want to go and at what time.

Long Tour

No: 923 Ramsbottom to Ramsbottom

12th August - 04th September

1 person is going